Fountain of Life Benefits

How Fountain of Life Benefits You

Fountain of Life supplement is a plant lignan from the majestic Norwegian Spruce. Lignans are powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, however they are lost due to processing and engineering in the food we eat.

To understand how Fountain of Life benefits us, studies reveal that the average Canadian takes in only 1mg of lignans daily. The recommended levels of lignans intake should be between 50-100 mg per day.

Lignans are not easily found in food sources, as wheat was at one time the dominant source for this important nutrient. Now, it has been all but eliminated because of processing and engineering.

Fountain of Life benefits includes nature’s most powerful source of lignans. Extracted from the Norwegian Spruce, Fountain of Life drops provides us with a daily source of lignans to help boost our immune system and more.

Fountain of Life drops may be placed under the tongue where it is absorbed sublingually or ingested and absorbed through our digestive system. When FOL norwegian spruce extract enters the plasma in our blood, it is converted to enterolactone, a powerful human antioxidant.

Fountain of Life helps to protect you from serious health issues:


The richest source of lignans comes from Fountain of Life extract harvested from Norwegian Spruce trees. A study published in 2010 in the "British Journal of Nutrition" tested the lignans in regard to cancer. They found that lignans might lower your cancer risk by preventing pre-cancerous cellular changes, as well as slow down the progression and movement of cancer cells. The American Cancer Society reports that lignans may help to reduce the growth of hormone-related cancers including prostate, breast and ovarian cancer, though more human research is needed.

Heart Disease

In 2006, the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" published research stating that because of its antioxidant effects, lignans may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, it is not clear whether it is the lignans providing the reduced risk of heart disease, or the combination of nutrients and phytochemicals, which are found in foods like flaxseeds. Overall, a diet that includes seeds, whole grains and vegetables will lower your risk of heart disease and provide your body with lignans.


In 2008, a study published in "British Journal of Nutrition" showed promising results in regard to cholesterol and glucose levels. An 8-week study was conducted on 55 patients, which resulted in a significant initial decrease in total cholesterol levels. Taking lignans on a regular basis does appear to lower LDL cholesterol levels; however, more research is still needed.


The Power of 10 Drops...

There are approx. 300 drops in each bottle and each drop of the Fountain of Life oil contains the highest quality Norwegian Spruce extract known to be a very high source of plant Lignans.

The Fountain of Life antioxidant benefits of just ten drops contains the same concentration of Lignans as the following examples: