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The high content of plant Lignans and other *powerful antioxidants found in Fountain of Life drops comes from the potent, proprietary extract of the Norwegian spruce tree, which is known to have extensive health benefits to effectively reduce Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cardiovascular risks.
Lignans are our best source for dietary antioxidants. These plant nutrients neutralize the impact of free radicals on our body. The highest quality of lignans have been discovered in the FOL Norwegian spruce extract. Health professionals recommend an increase in foods containing lignans. A 30 year study showed 30% less cancer, and 30% less heart disease for those following a high lignan diet.
Before Fountain of Life drops leaves the manufacturing facility, the extract undergoes a 3-step protocol including testing:
1. At the extraction facility, testing is performed to determine the lignan concentration. It is also tested for trace elements including approved, it is shipped to the manufacturing facility.
2. At the Health Canada approved facility, it undergoes a visual inspection and filtered to ensure that there are no natural particulates from the extraction.
3. Once bottled, as sample is tested at a third party facility to ensure that there are no microbes in the final product. Once passed, it is shipped out for distribution.
Fountain of Life is not a drug or medication. Side effects are associated with medication and not food supplements. If you stop taking Fountain of Life, your body will most likely revert to its former state.
Chronic issues may return as free radicals will continue to bombard our system and create a chronic inflammatory state. However, there are no side effects related to Fountain of Life during or after taking it.
Fountain of Life is a plant lignan (antioxidant). It is quickly converted in the plasma of our blood to enterolactone, a mammalian antioxidant. This conversion is important as this allows our body to utilize Fountain of Life to neutralize the overwhelming free radicals that can lead to chronic inflammation.
Fountain of Life is not a drug, so overdosing is not possible. However, testing was conducted to establish a toxicity level. The researchers could not find a toxicity level even using 2600 mg/kg body weight when testing the lignan 7-hydroxymatairesinol. Fountain of Life is very safe product.
If anyone is on medication or under treatment by a doctor, they should have a discussion with their doctor on using Fountain of Life. Certain therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer may be affected by antioxidants so an open dialogue will ensure that taking this functional food will not impact the therapy.
Fountain of Life contains the lignans from the Norwegian Spruce tree. It metabolizes in the same manner as flax and sesame seed, as they convert to enterolactone in the body so that they may be utilized.
There is no toxicity, however, Fountain of Life should be ideally consumed within 3 months to ensure that the user receives its maximum benefits from the product.
Fountain of Life should be stored in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness. Do not use the product if the safety seal is broken. It may be stored at room temperature, but preferably a cool, dry place. Storing Fountain of Life in the fridge will not extend its shelf life.
We do not recommend Fountain of Life for children under 12 years of age. It may be consumed by young adults. The dosage is dependent upon their body mass. Anyone taking medication should seek the advice from their doctor to ensure that using a powerful antioxidant will not impact its efficiency.
Fountain of Life is not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

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